Sexology, founded in 1933, was America's first sex magazine! Through its fifty year run, Grandma and Grandpa got a rollicking taste of sexual exotica in articles such as...

- Extra Breasts in Women
- Homosexual Chickens
- Priapism...Uncontrollable Erections
- Sexual Vampirism
- Pregnant Men
- When Midgets Marry...
- Twin Beds or Single?
- Humans With Tails
- Types of French Prostitutes
- Adolph Hitler's Sex Life
- Sexual Tattooing
- Sex and Satan

From looney to libertine to downright lecherous, Sexology covered it all, or should we say uncovered? You'll laugh and learn in this hilarious book collecting the best of Sexology--it's even better than sex itself! (Unless, of course, you find yourself in a single bed with a tattooed midget french prostitute vampire with a tail, extra breasts and a good case of Priapism)*.

The Best of Sexology is 480 pages of the best articles, illustrations, letters, and advertisments reprinted from 35+ years of Sexology bound in one hardcover book.

*No homosexual chickens, please, let's not get kinky.

The Best of Sexology

Editor Craig Yoe is the creative director of YOE! Studio, which has been called "the premier design studio serving the entertainment industry." Animation magazine hailed Yoe as "Dr. Seuss on acid!"
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